Welcome, New Friend, To EVILKILLER's
Epic, Epic Website

I haven't learnt any CSS yet, so you will have make do with a dull, white background :pleading_face:

I am a multi-faceted individual brimming with depth and nuance, so, on my website, you will be exposed to the REAL ME. Although it might be scary--coming to the realization that Who-You-Thought-I-Was was not, in fact, Who-I-Actually-Am, rest assured: I will not change. Expect the worse. Expect worse than that, even. I am uncompromising. My decline and the reason for it will be made readily apparent. On this website, you will come to know why I died the way I did. I will not step off the stool and break my neck, for I am already hanging.

What a guy (who is like me) does for fun:

I don't feel like waiting for you to figure out why I definitely will do the no-good thing to myself. The TRUTH--it lay here.